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English for Career Development
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Welcome to Module 1 of the English for Career Development TM education Center! Learning about the necessary steps in the world job application process will help you become a successful job seeker. Career planning begins with a clear understanding of your professional interests and skills for the job market as well as the current jobs in demand. We will look at the job search process through selected readings and video lectures. We will also learn and use vocabulary that will help you understand the job application process. This unit will end with a discussion board that lets you apply the vocabulary learned to the ideas we’ve studied.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this unit, you will:

  • Identify the steps in the job search process
  • Define and accurately use content-related vocabulary in course activities and games
  • Identify word forms to expand your vocabulary
  • Identify the simple present and present progressive when describing interests and skills.
  • Identify phrases for comparing and contrasting
  • Compare and contrast the job search process in the world and your home country

  PreviewTo-Do List

In order to successfully complete Module 1, please do the following: 

  1. Review: Module 1 videos, presentations, and articles. (2 hours) 
  2. Discuss: Optional: Join your colleagues in a group discussion. Compare and contrast the job search process around the world. (30 minutes) 
  3. Check-In: Complete the following quizzes: 
    1. Things, Actions, and People (20 minutes) 
    2. Simple Present vs. Present Progressive (20 minutes)
    3. Key Words in a Job Advertisement* (20 minutes) 

*You must score at least 70% on all graded quizzes to receive your digital badge and certificate.