Module 1 Vocabulary » Luyện thi Gò Vấp
English for Career Development
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Module 1 will feature the following key vocabulary words.  You can return to this page to review as needed. These words may appear in quizzes throughout the course.

an applicant (n)

A Woman Sits In Her Home Typing On A Laptop

Definition: An applicant is a person who is asking for a job. 

Sample Sentence: The company is now accepting resumes from qualified applicants.

to apply (v)

A Man Fills Out A Form By Hand

Definition: When you apply, you send your information to an employer to ask for a job. 

Sample Sentence: In the United States, a person will send a resume and cover letter to formally apply for a job.

a candidate (n)

5 Rows Of Blue Human Figures, One Red Figure

Definition: A candidate is a person who might get a job. 

Sample Sentence: After a person applies for a job, they become a candidate.

a career (n)

A Fireman, An Engineer, A Nurse, A Police Officer, A Pilot, A Woman In A Suit

Definition: A career is an occupation or profession that requires special training and continues over a long period of time.

Sample Sentence: Knowing your interests and skills helps you to choose the career that is best for you.

to contrast (v)

A Pile Of Green Coffee Beans And A Pile Of Dark Brown Coffee Beans

Definition: When you contrast,  you talk about the ways two things are different. 

Sample Sentence: There are certain phrases you can use to contrast different things.

a cover letter (n)

A Piece Of Paper Labeled &Quot;Cover Letter&Quot; A Pen, And A Newspaper Open To Job Advertisements.

Definition: A cover letter is a formal letter to the employer to introduce the job seeker, show qualifications, and ask for an interview. 

Sample Sentence: I will send my resume along with a cover letter to apply for that position.

duties and responsibilities (n) 

A Person Covered With Sticky Notes

DefinitionDuties and responsibilities are tasks done regularly in a job.

Sample Sentence: This job seems like one I can do because I’m qualified and I can perform the duties and responsibilities well.

an employee (n)

Definition: An employee is a person who is hired and begins working.

Sample Sentence: Amin has worked with us for two years. He is one of our best employees.

an employer (n)

A Door With A Sign That Says &Quot;We'Re Hiring&Quot;

Definition: An employer is the person or organization making the decision to give an applicant a job.

Sample Sentence: I sent my cover letter and resume to the employer

to hire (v)

Three Black Figures In Business Suits, One Green Figure In A Business Suit. A Large Hand Has Picked The Green Figure Up

Definition: When you hire someone, you give them a job and pay them for the work.

Sample Sentence:   When a candidate is hired and begins working, she is then called an employee.

an interview (n)

A Man And A Woman Sit Facing Each Other Across A Desk. They Are Having A Conversation.

Definition: An interview is a conversation where a candidate talks with an employer about a job.

Sample Sentence:  An interview is the best chance for the candidates to show their interest in a job and demonstrate their qualifications.

a job application (n)

A Hand Holding A Pen Completes A Form That Is Labeled &Quot;Employment Application&Quot;

Definition: A job application is a written request for employment.

Sample Sentence:  Nowadays, many job applications are completed online 

to network (v)

A Group Of People In Professional Clothing Standing And Talking In A Room

Definition:  When you network, you meet and talk with people who may help in the job search process.

Sample Sentence:  When networking, job seekers talk to many people about their skills and experience in conversations.

a resume (n)

A Piece Of Paper That Says &Quot;John H. Doe Resume&Quot;

Definition: A resume is a written document of work experience, education, and skills.

Sample Sentence:  I sent my cover letter and resume to the employer.

a skill (n)

Hands Playing A Piano

Definition: A skill is something that you can do well.

Sample Sentence:  Job seekers should identify their skills and areas of interest.