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Questions 11-20

Complete the form below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Waste sorting, collection, and disposal

Necessary characteristics of dustbins: Solid and 11 …….
Three kinds:

Waste sorting

Recyclable garbage (blue or green bin)

Unrecyclable garbage (yellow bin)

Toxic waste (red bin)

Waste collection

Commercial waste collection:

It mainly refers to 12 …… waste.

Warning signs state not to 13  …… bins.

Those 14…….  metals will cause environmental pollution.

Household waste collection:
All kitchen garbage should be put into a 15 ….. bag.

Waste disposal

The garbage disposal plant is situated in an 16 …. space or field.

The waste is disposed of at least once every 17 ……

The dustbin should be cleared at night because of 18

The waste is mainly produced by 19…. , industry, retail, and offices.
Please do not dispose of 20….  in any of the bins.