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Number of widely used in life, making it one language, one of the most basic application ability, for the number of examinations has become aIELTSListening tests were a very important part of it. In this article, Longre IELTS experts will explore the main and the majority of candidates in the IELTS Listening test examination center and the number of common difficulties.


The difference between a dozen and dozens of learning aboutEnglish(Forum)A threshold number of the most basic. Pronunciation alone is concerned, these two figures there are three different points: first, stress, take “thirteen” and “thirty” for example, thirteen of the emphasis is on the “teen”, while thirty in the “thir” on; second : length of the sound, teen hair long tone / i: /, and ty is the short sound of / I /; but in the actual hearing test, the difference between these two is not always obvious, this time it is important to distinguish a third a, teen’s tail with nasal / n /, and ty not, the difference in most cases, you can decide that word, but occasionally due to Speed too fast, or under the influence of other factors may also be unable to hear, the general In this case, the possibility of a larger ty.


eight is 0 to 9 only the beginning of a number of vowel sounds, such as Lian Du and blasting sounds, often leads to this figure is difficult to distinguish. For example the number 58, in which fifty at the end of the vowel / i / and the beginning of eight pairs of vowels / ei / connected to, plus eight at the end of the consonants / t / burst weakened, it makes the 58 and 50 of these two figures are similar pronunciation, in the Speed faster with context and the situation is difficult to distinguish. At this time, we are still the key pairs by vowel / ei / to distinguish, but if you encounter a combination of numbers and letters it is almost impossible to distinguish, such as 58 and 50A. In such circumstances, the experts suggest that Longre IELTS candidates according to the context of the need to make the right choice. Combination of numbers and letters on the situation, the latter will be mentioned in the text.


“0” in the spoken language in a variety of studying law, the best distinction is of course zero, but beyond that, you can also pronounced: nought, null, nil, nothing, and oh. One “oh” is a more common usage, the general telephone number and room number of the most prevalent, such as Room 102, can be pronounced “room one oh two”. The small number of nought for more, such as 0.2 can be read as “nought point two”. nill will be used to sports scores, such as football 3:0, can be read as “three nill”.

  1. The complexity of the above four figures

During the inspection, quantity, weight, length, and so measurement data, we will encounter relatively large number. The figures are within the four Chinese students, as long as a firmer foundation, yet will not be a problem, but four more are likely to cause a problem. This is mainly due to the Chinese four-digit counting from the start on a “million” as a unit into the number;, but in English there is no “10000” concept, 10,000 pronounced “ten thousand”, 10 1000. So from here, the number of Chinese and English conceptual differences began to occur. Another example is 100,000,000, the Chinese are “10 million”, while English is the “ten million”, 10 million. Let the number of candidates in the concept of such a conversion back and forth, in the time-sensitive hearing test, it is very unwise. At this point, Longre IELTS experts recommend candidates to simply follow a basic concept, the concept of confusion can be avoided figures, namely: the number of English for a number of every three units, such as:

1,000 = one thousand

1,000,000 = one million

1,000,000,000 = one billion

And the international standard is also written in each of three separated by a comma, and the concept of English law exactly the same. So that we are listening figures, as long as the number set aside the concept of the Chinese, using the internationally accepted wording can write down the numbers, and records do not need to think about when the complete figure in the end is. This not only saves time but also greatly reduce the error rate.

  1. Date and Time

IELTS test date is one of the few will be involved in ordinal numeral of the examination center. In general as long as the first, second, and third was able to set clear and understand ordinal numeral is generally not a problem. But the ordinal numeral is written sometimes certain problems may arise, for example, some candidates will 22nd mistakenly written 22th. At this time, when the examination is in need of special attention. In addition, the wording of the month must pay attention not to write short, write full name, unless the candidate really can not remember the correct spelling, and to confirm at this time spelling is wrong, then you can write short, is better than a good mistake. In addition, a few weeks of the month, like, open the first letter must be capitalized. Then the month, said it can not use Arabic numerals? For example December 12, 2008 Can you write 12/12/2008 then? Only explicit requirements in the title can only fill in “one word or number” of the situation, we can write this way.

In addition to writing, the date and month of the order is sometimes not the same. In fact, theoretically, a month ago after the American and British-style can all be months after a few days ago, but to be safe, as well as to record the convenience of candidates can be used to listen to that obtained by the way, in full accordance with the order of recording the content to write. Sometimes there will be year of the date, regardless of the British American, the year must be written in the final.

Most of us might be able to hear more than a thousand years, and rarely encountered in the year 685 such cases. Over the millennium year is usually read by two numbers, such as: 1995 pronounced nineteen ninety-five. However, there are special circumstances, for example: in 1800, they pronounced eighteen hundred; well beyond the year 2000 the past few years, generally with the “two thousand and …” read this Act, for example: in 2008, pronounced two thousand and eight.

Longre IELTS experts to remind candidates to note that if the subject is required to fill in the date, would use “date”, If “day”, then asked a few weeks, while the “time” to ask is a few minutes. Time, test center, first of all as long as the “quarter, half, to and past” such time that the word figure out; if encountered in a 24-hour expressions, such as 15:45, as far as you can write; as indicated on the afternoon am and pm when writing questions in the table, if the example table and write the same column, then we must write, if not, do not overdo the.

  1. Price

Prices are generally with a currency unit, the common are:

ā pound sterling penny (pence) pence

$ Dollar (U.S., Australia and Canada) yuan quarter 25 minutes cent sub –

euro euro

With a decimal prices, in spoken sometimes dispense point, for example: 59.95 will be read into the fifty-nine ninety five, this time never thought it was 5995. No figures before the decimal point, it is possible to dispense with 0, such as 0.95 may be pronounced point ninety-five. The three above price, it is possible to dispense with a larger number of units, for example: 120 to study for one twenty, hundred have been saved had; 1,200 to study for one two hundred, thousand have been saved in.

  1. Telephone

Phone number is the base unit of the word most used in one place, but not absolute, although most single-digit phone numbers are used to read, but sometimes there are special circumstances, such as free phone 800, will go to eight hundred. If there are two duplicate numbers, we use the double, if it is 3, then with the triple. double and triple back, if followed by the eight or oh, will have to pay attention Liandu issues. Phone number in general studies for three or four digits of each pause, if there are country code and city code, then the middle will be a standstill. Sometimes code may be added that the phone number behind the listening time be careful not to leak to listen to. While others may be behind the extension office phone number (extension number).

  1. Addresses and other numbers and letters using both of

Address the number of the first to note that the street number, street number and some abroad, up to four digits, and year at this time, like, in accordance with double-digit read, for example: 4843 will be pronounced forty-eight forty-three. Secondly, in addition to their building, the building, floor and room number will appear, and even mix of numbers and letters. Third, sometimes the address with postal code, ZIP abroad and China’s different, often contain letters, such as NY10036, is one of New York Zip Code.

In addition, flight numbers, travel documents (especially passport) number, social security number, vehicle license, and even bus lines may contain letters. Some of these letters appear in the figures at the beginning, such as flight number, passport number and social security numbers, etc.; some appear in the end, such as bus lines, sword there have been six on the “bus number 21A”, and the sword still appeared a 5 ” customer’s reference number: 39745T “, is also a letter released last; there before and after the letters have, such as license plates,” TBP686P “.

Mix of letters and numbers must be capitalized.

  1. Decimal, fraction and percentage

In English and Chinese in the fractional method is not the same concept, according to two decimal places is also a decimal to read, for example: 19.95 pronounced nineteen point ninety five. The decimal point and zero may be omitted case has already been mentioned earlier in this will not go into.

Scores of little test before, but still to mention, half and quarter, respectively, half and quarter. Molecules with the base word, the denominator with the ordinal numeral. More than one fraction, the denominator should add “s” that the plural.

The percentage of test to the comparatively more, as long as the notes that the word percent on the line, the other should be noted that the percentage of containing decimal situation.

For the number of sensitivity training is a subtle process, but that does not mean that we can not identify the training methods to enhance the capacity of numbers. Just as we were young to learn Chinese, at the outset parents asked us to learn to count, like the English numbers are so out of practice. Longre IELTS experts suggest that candidates can in our daily life will be fragmented free time to use up the number practice. For example waiting for a train, car, queuing, and even walked a number of awareness training. As long as pay attention, we can see that the number in any place, bus station, bus stop, subway stop countdown, banks line up an equal sign, traffic lights a few seconds to cross the road and so on and so on. On these occasions, we can silently in their hearts the corresponding figures in English, over time, the numbers greatly increased speed of response. In addition, learners can be used for specialized training in digital listening material is also very rich candidates can address the above examination center, difficult to collect the corresponding suitable material, to spend 10-15 minutes each time to concentrate on making this kind of practice, long as we persist, the effect will be very obvious. Do not even need to do so every day, a week three days to do this exercise enough. In short, as long as the use of the correct approach, and determined to persist, for the figures would not be difficult to master.