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* Future wish (Ao ước ở tương lai)

S + wish(es) + s + would + V (bare-inf.)

Ex: He wishes he would pass the exam.

* Present wish (Ao ước ở hiện tại)

S + wish(es) + s + V (past simple)

Ex: I wish I had a mobile phone. (I don’t have a mobile phone.)

Do you ever wish you could fly? (you can’t fly.)

* Ta có thể dùng were thay was (I, he, she, it was/were).

* Past wish (Ao ước ở quá khứ)

S + wish(es) + S + V (past perfect)

Ex: I wish I had known that Harry was ill. (but I didn’t know)

⮲ Lưu ý: Wish somebody something được dùng để chúc ai điều gì. Sau wish là hai tân ngữ (trực tiếp và gián tiếp).

Ex: I wish you every success.

He shook my hand and wished me luck


I. Complete the sentences with an appropriate verb form.

1. Our classroom doesn’t have any window. I wish our classroom __________ windows.

2. The sun isn’t shining. I wish the sun __________ right now.

3. I didn’t go shopping. I wish I __________ shopping.

4. I can’t swim. I wish I __________ so I would feel safe in the boat.

5. I don’t know how to dance. I wish I __________ how to dance.

6. I live in the country. I wish I __________ in a big city.

7. You didn’t tell them about it. I wish you __________ them about it.

8. It’s cold today. I’m not wearing a coat. I wish I __________ a coat.

9. I don’t have enough money to buy that book. I wish I __________ enough money.

10. It’s raining and I want it to stop. I wish it __________ raining.

11. Elena is tired because she went to bed late last night. She wishes she __________ to bed earlier last night.

12. Ann has a beautiful voice, so I want her to sing. I wish Ann __________ a couple of songs.

13. I’m not lying on the beach in Hawaii. I wish I __________ on a beach in Hawaii.

14. The teacher is going to give an exam tomorrow. I wish he __________ us an exam tomorrow.

15. Jack didn’t drive to work. I wish Jack __________ to work. I’d ask him for a ride home.

16. Bill didn’t get the promotion. I wish Bill __________ the promotion. He feels bad.

17. It isn’t winter. I wish it __________ winter so that I could go skiing.

18. We’re going to the concert tonight. I wish you __________ with us.

19. I quit my job. I wish I __________ my job until I’d found another one.

20. My friend won’t ever lend me his car. I wish he __________ me his car for my date tomorrow night.

II. Put the verbs into the correct form.

1. I feed sick. I wish __________ so much cake. (I/not/eat)

2. I’m fed up with this raining. I wish __________ raining (it/stop)

3. It’s a difficult question. I wish __________ the answer. (I/know)

4. I should have listened to you. I wish __________ your advice. (I/take)

5. I wish __________ here. She’d be able to help us. (Ann/be)

6. Aren’t they ready yet? I wish __________ (they/hurry up)

7. It would be nice to stay here. I wish __________ to go now. (we/not/have)

8. When we were in London last year, I didn’t have time to see all the things we wanted to see. I wish __________ more time, (we/have)

9. It’s freezing today. I wish __________ so cold. I hate cold weather (it/not/be)

10. What’s her name again? I wish __________ remember her name. (I/can)

11. What I said was stupid. I wish __________ anything. (I/not/say)

12. You’re driving too fast. I wish __________ a bit. (you/slow down)

13. It was a terrible film. I wish __________ to see it. (we/not/go)

14. You’re always tired. I wish __________ to bed so late (you/not/go)

15. I spent all my money. I wish __________ it. (I/save)

16. Vicky’s work isn’t going well. She wishes __________ better (it/be)

17. I looked everywhere for the key. I wish __________ it. (I/find)

18. The phone has been ringing for five minutes. I wish __________ it. (somebody/ answer)

19. It’s very crowded here. I wish __________ so many people (there/not/be)

20. I wish __________ me about the dance, I would have gone (you/tell)

III. Write a sentence with wish.

1. I don’t know French.


2. It is very noisy for me to read the book.


3. I don’t have a bicycle. Therefore I walk to school everyday.


4. It is raining heavily now.


5. The book is too expensive for me to afford it.


6. I don’t have a lot of friends.


7. I am too busy to watch the television programs.


8. She doesn’t know my address.


9. There are not any people in the ball.


10. They are late for the meeting.


11. There is not enough water for us to drink.


12. The question is too difficult for us to answer.


13. Unfortunately, I must go now.


14. He is not good at speaking.


15. It is far from my house to my school.


16. She doesn’t advise him to give up smoking.


17. I’m sorry I didn’t come to the party last night.


18. I regret that you didn’t give me a chance to tell you the truth.


19. Mary is afraid she won’t be able to attend your wedding next week.


20. I regret I didn’t learn to play a musical instrument.




1. had                        2. were/was shining        3. had gone.                4.could swim

5. knew                6. lived        7. had told        8. was/ were wearing

9. had                        10. would stop                11. had gone                12. would sing

13. was/were lying        14. wouldn’t give        15. had driven                16. had gotten

17. were/was                18. would go                19. hadn’t quit                20. would lend


1. I hadnt’ eaten                2. It’d/ it would stop                        3. I knew

4. I’d/ I had taken                5. Ann were/ was                        6. They’d/ they would hurry up

7. didn’t have                        8. We’d/ we had had                        9. It wasn’t/ weren’t

10. I could                        11. I hadn’t said                        12. You’d/ you would slow down

13. we hadn’t gone                14. You wouldn’t go/ didn’t go        15. I’d/ I had saved

16. it was/ were                17. I had found                        18. somebody would answer

19. there weren’t                20. You had told


1. I wish I knew French.

2. I wish it were not noisy for me to read the book.

3. I wish I had a bicycle so that I won’t walk to school everyday.

4. I wish it didn’t rain heavily now.

5. I wish the book were not expensive for me to afford it.

6. I wish I had a lot of friends.

7. I wish I had free time to watch the TV programs.

8. I wish she knew my address.

9. I wish there were (a lot of) people in the hall.

10. I wish they were not late for the meeting

or: I wish they were on time for the meeting.

11. I wish there were enough water for US to drink.

12. I wish the question were not difficult for US to answer.

13. I wish I didn’t have to go now.

14. I wish he were good at speaking.

15. I wish it were not far from my house to my school.

16. I wish she advised him to give up smoking.

17. I wish I had come to the party last night.

18. I wish you had given me a chance to tell you the truth.

19. Mary wishes she could attend your wedding next week.

20. I wish I had learned to play a musical instrument.