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A. THE PAST SIMPLE (Thì quá khứ đơn)

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Used to được dùng để diễn đạt:

– Sự việc thường xuyên xảy ra hoặc đã xảy ra suốt một khoảng thời gian trong quá khứ, nhưng giờ không còn xảy ra nữa.

Ex: We used to play that game when we were young.

– Sự việc đã tồn tại hoặc có thật trong quá khứ, nhưng giờ không còn nữa.

Ex: We didn’t use to have computers.

Did this building use to be a hotel?

⮲ Lưu ý: Không dùng used to để diễn đạt sự việc đã xảy ra tại một thời điểm cụ thể, sự việc đã xảy ra bao nhiêu lần hoặc đã xảy ra trong bao lâu. Dùng thì quá khứ đơn.

Ex: We lived in Boston for three years. (We used to live….)Image?Parent=1Dwep92Irct P2Vhyqzgfwgbqkr6Hzndi&Amp;Rev=1&Amp;Drawingrevisionaccesstoken=Znz7Bhpxh Zfcg&Amp;H=1&Amp;W=109&Amp;Ac=1

I went to France seven times last year. (I used to go        )Image?Parent=1Dwep92Irct P2Vhyqzgfwgbqkr6Hzndi&Amp;Rev=1&Amp;Drawingrevisionaccesstoken=D3Kqb3Wsm Ejyw&Amp;H=1&Amp;W=76&Amp;Ac=1

⮚ Be/Get used to + verb-ing/(pro)noun: quen với /trở nên quen với



I. Rewrite the following sentences, using “used to”:

1. We usually lit our houses with candles.


2. Sailors were usually guided by stars.


3. People usually cooked on wood fires.


4. It usually took me several days to go to London.


5. Books were usually written by hand.


6. People usually travelled on foot.


7. They usually made their own bread.


8. The old sailor usually drank lots of whisky.


9. Mr. Smith usually smoked cigars.


10. Bill usually worked very hard.


II. Put in used to + infinitive or be/get used to +-ing form. Use the verbs in brackets.

1. When I was a child. I __________ (dream) of being an astronaut.

2. I’m terribly nervous. I __________ (not/speak) to a large audience.

3. It took us ages to __________ (live) in a block of flat.

4. Lots of trains __________ (stop) here, but not many do now.

5. Didn’t Nick __________ (work) on a building site?

6. I’ll have an orange juice, please. I __________ (not/drink) alcohol.

7. David doesn’t seem to mind being in hospital. I suppose he __________ (be) there.

8. When Laura was at college, she __________ (have) a picture of Elvis Presley on her bedroom wall.

9. We __________ (live) in a small village but now we live in London.

10. I feel very full after that meal. I __________ (eat) so much.

11. I __________ (have) a car but I sold it a few months ago.

12. There __________ (be) a cinema here but it was knocked down a few years ago.

13. In the old days we __________ (not/have) electricity and things __________ (be) different from the way they are now.

14. After her husband died, the old woman had to __________ (live) on her own.

15. Most visitors to Britain __________ (not/drive) on the left.

III. Rewrite these sentences, using used to or a suitable tense of be (not) used to.

1. John still finds the cold weather difficult.


2. Did you go to church on Sundays when you were young?


3. When Barbara was in Italy, she stayed with an Italian family.


4. It is Christs habit to drive to work every day.


5. Mr Michael grew tulips but he doesn’t any more.


6. I can t do without fresh coffee. I drink it every day.


7. My mother works in a modern office, but she finds it strange to use a computer.


8. Archie didn’t fight with Lulu in the past.


9. Frank lives alone. He doesn’t mind this because he has lived alone for 15 years.


10. I find it difficult to get up early.





1. We used to light our houses with candles.

2. Sailors used to be guided by stars.

3. People used to cook on wood fires.

4. It used to take me several days to go to London.

5. Books used to be written by hand.

6. People used to travel on foot.

7. They used to make their own bread.

8. The old sailor used to drink lots of whisky.

9. Mr Smith used to smoke cigars.

10. Bill used to work very hard.


1. used to dream                2. am not used to speaking                3. get used to living

4. used to stop                 5. use to work                                6. am not used to drinking

7. has got used to being        8. used to have                                9. used to live

10. am not used to eating        11. used to have                         12. used to be

13. didn’t use to have-used to be

14. get used to living                15. aren’t used to driving


1. John isn’t used to the cold weather.

2. Did you use to go to church on Sundays?

3. Barbara used to live in Italy.

4. Christ is used to driving to work every day.

5. Mr. Michael used to grow tulips.

6. I’m used to drinking fresh coffee.

7. My mother isn’t used to using a computer.

8. Archie didn’t use to fight with Lulu.

9. Frank is used to living alone.

10. I’m not used to getting up early.