Part IV: Short Talks » Luyện thi Gò Vấp
TOEIC Practice Mini
Nội dung bài học

Question 17 – 19 refer to following conversation:

17. What does t he speaker thank the listeners for?

18. What is the speaker looking forward to?

19. What will happen this afternoon?

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M-Au: OK, everyone. That was a productive staff meeting. Thanks for all of your suggestions for a team-building event. I’m glad we all decided to organize an office soccer game next month. I’m really looking forward to it. Oh, I just
remembered one more thing. Some of you have been complaining about the noise coming from the construction work on the roof. I’m happy to report that the contractors are finishing the project this afternoon.

17. D

18. A

19. A


Question 20 – 22 refer to following conversation:

20. What will happen at the Newport Museum on Saturday?

21. What does the speaker say about some Newport University students?

22. According to the speaker, what should the listeners do in advance?

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M-Cn: Welcome to Newport News at Seven. Don’t forget that next Saturday, the Newport Technology Museum will open its new interactive Robotics exhibit. This exhibit will feature many different robots, and visitors will be able to talk to them, play with them, and even learn from them. Students from the Robotics department at nearby Newport University will be at the museum on Saturday to show you how to interact with robots and explain how they work. But make sure to buy your tickets in advance from the museum’s Web site. This event will be packed!

20. D

21. C

22. D


Question 23 – 25 refer to following conversation:

23. Why is the speaker calling?

24. What does the speaker say the listener will be required to do?

25. What does the speaker say will happen next week?

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M-Au: Hello, Mr. Kanno. This is Scott Jansen calling from KR Investors Group. Thanks for coming in last week for an interview for the market analyst position. We were very impressed with your past work experience, and we’d like to offer you the job. Now, as I’d mentioned, you’ll have to relocate from Chicago to Vancouver. I’m confident you’ll like living there. It’s a great city, with a lot to do and see. So congratulations, I’m looking forward to speaking with you again. Oh, and please keep in mind that KR Investors Group won’t be open next week.

23. C

24. D

25. A