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TOEIC Practice Mini
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Question 36 – 39 refer to following paragraph:

Commercial relocation may at first appear __(1)__ , but Mester Movers will work with you to make the process as simple as possible. Whether you are relocating an office, factory, or laboratory across town or across the country, we have the people, technology, and resources to __(2)__ your move with efficiency.

We take special care when packing small and delicate objects. __(3)__ , we make sure that large items such as desks, filing cabinets, and chairs are also ready for the move by providing you with special tags. __(4)__

36. __(1)__

37. __(2)__

38. __(3)__

39. __(4)__

Question 40 – 43 refer to following paragraph:

DAKAR (August 4)- Nentique Laboratories, Inc., announced today the development of a new variety of organic wheat that __(1)__ heat. Dozens of plants were cross-pollinated over many years to produce this variety, known as GR-712. It joins a growing list of __(2)__ that can withstand high temperatures during extended dry periods. “Some farmers in regions close to the equator focus __(3)__ on rice production because rice grows well in hot climates. But in the Sahara, it is too dry for much of the year,” explains company spokesman Ahmad Niang. “But for a small investment in GR-712 seeds, farmers will now be able to grow wheat in our region. ” __(4)__ . This added income can, in turn, be reinvested in better machinery, which will encourage more environmentally friendly farming practices.

40. __(1)__

41. __(2)__

42. __(3)__

43. __(4)__

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36. B

37 C

38. D

39 . A

40. A

41. D

42. D

43. B