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Có Thể Là Hình Ảnh Về Văn Bản Cho Biết 'Now You Now Have To Be 21+ To Buy A Can Of Whipped Cream In Ny This Anan Goyy Rpap'

You now have to be 21+ to buy a can of whipped cream in NY

A New York law has gone into effect that bans anyone under the age of 21 from buying whipped cream cans. The law was passed to prevent teens from inhaling nitrous oxide, a.k.a. ‘whippits.’ Per the DEA, around 1 in 5 teens inhale nitrous oxide by the time they enter eighth grade. Whippits can harm ‘parts of the brain that control thinking, moving, vision, and hearing.’

  1. Effect(n): hiệu lực, hiệu ứng
  2. Prevent(v): cấm
  3. Inhale(v) hít thở.
  4. Vision(n): tầm nhìn
  5. Harm(n) : gây hại