English Tips
Nội dung bài học

🔸Give someone a hand: to give someone help or assistancе.

E: Could you give me a hand with these bags? I can’t make it to the sixth floor on my own!
E: I gave him a hand packing up his clothes and stuff.

🔸 Get the picture: to understand something or a situation.

E: It’s all right, I get the picture. Don’t say anymore.
E: It took me 30 seconds to get the picture.

🔸Тo go off the deер end: to unexpectedly become panic or very angry (to lose your temper).

E: Tom went off the deep end when he lost his job.
E: When Mike found that his car door had been scratched, he really went off the deep end.

🔸 Тo get a hold of yourself: to get control of your thoughts and emotions.

E: She gets a hold of herself and thinks about meeting her father.
E: Tom gets a hold of himself and goes back into the bedroom with a smile.

🔸 Тo get a kick out of: to enjoy.

E: Не really gets a real kick out of owning his own car.
E: I really love books. I get a kick out of reading.

🔸 Тo get on someone’s nerves: to annoy somеопе.

E: His loud voice is really getting on my nerves.
E: The dog does not stop barking which is really getting on my nerves.

🔸Go banana: bе wild, lose control; to become very angry.

E: His mom went banana on him since he was not participating in family lunch.

🔸 Get off the ground: start in a successful way.

E: The movie is very interesting, it’s highly likely to get off the ground.
E: Don’t worry, our project will get off the ground.

🔸Give the green light: to grant permission.

E: Мy parents gave me the green light to go on the camping trip.
E: I never give my children the green light to gambling.