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Cụm Giới Từ Toeic

1/ Một số cụm giới từ TOEIC bắt đầu bằng “IN”

EASY EDU nhận thấy một số cụm giới từ TOEIC bắt đầu bằng IN thường được sử dụng khá nhiều cả trong bài thi lẫn ngoài đời:

  • In an attempt/ effort to: nỗ lực làm gì đó (Ex: In an attempt to finish his homework)
  • In accordance with: tương ứng với/ đúng với (Ex: In accordance with this problem, we can negotiate friendly)
  • In honor of: tôn vinh ai (Ex: In honor of the family, they have already fought)
  • In advance: trước 
  • In case of: trong trường hợp (Ex: In case of this study, you need to learn clearly)
  • In addition to: bên cạnh (Ex: In addition to Sam,)
  • In relation/ reference to: về việc (Ex: In relation to her, )
  • In a timely manner/ fashion: đúng giờ/ kịp giờ (Ex: She go to school in a timely manner)
  • In compliance with: tuân theo (Ex: In compliance with his boss, He can do everything)
  • In terms of: xét về mặt 
  • In the heart of: ở trung tâm
  • In observance of: tuân theo
  • In charge of: chịu trách nhiệm
  • In the event of: phòng khi/ lỡ khi (Ex: In the event of meeting him, she had to wearing the mask)
  • In celebration of: nhân dịp kỷ niệm
  • In accordance with: phù hợp với, tương ứng với
  • In addition to = Besides + N/ Ving: Thêm vào
  • In case of = in the event of: Trong trường hợp
  • In compliance with: tuân theo (In compliance with the local)
  • In contrast to: Tương phản với (Ex: In contrast to the previous studies, )
  • In favor of: nghiêng về  (Ex: I am not in favor of expanding the parking lot)
  • In keeping with: Hòa hợp với (In keeping with new fashion trends)
  • In honor of: vinh danh (The ceremony is in honor of sponsors who have made considerable contributions to our community)

2/ Một số cụm giới từ TOEIC bắt đầu bằng “AT”

Việc sử dụng các cụm giới từ TOEIC bắt đầu bằng “AT” hoàn toàn phổ biến trong cả 4 kỹ năng bài thi TOEIC

  • At the age of: Ở độ tuổi (I learned to drive at the age of 21)
  • At the beginning of: lúc đầu (Ex: At the beginning of the game, I know my failure)
  • At the bottom of: Phía dưới cùng (Ex: At the bottom of this valley, you can meet the person you want)
  • At all costs: Bất cứ giá nào (Ex: I had dream at all costs)
  • At one’s desk: Chỗ làm việc (Ex: He ask me at his desk)
  • At the door: ở cửa (Ex: You can find something at the door)
  • At the end: cuối (Ex: At the end of the film, she still don’t have his love)
  • At fault: Có lỗi (Ex: He was even at fault for my accident)
  • At first: Lúc đầu (Ex: At first, I was happy here but now I’m not)
  • At first sight: Tình yêu sét đánh (Ex: At first sight, we didn’t like each other).
  • At a glance: Ngay từ đầu (Ex: At a glance I knew I didn’t like him)
  • At last: Cuối cùng (Ex: At last, our stories had a happy ending)
  • At the latest: Thời điểm muộn nhất (Ex: Cinderella had to be home by 12 at the latest)
  • At least: Ít nhất (Ex: He is cold but at least he still sit down beside to me)

3/ Một số cụm giới từ TOEIC bắt đầu bằng “BY”

Cụm Giới Từ Toeic

Không chỉ khi học mà bạn có thể bắt gặp ở những người bản xứ rất thích các cụm giới từ TOEIC bắt đầu bằng “BY”

  • By accident: Vô tình (Ex: I was so sleepy that I confessed with him  by accident).
  • By all accounts: Theo những gì được biết (By all accounts, he fell in love with someone I don’t know)
  • By appointment: Việc xảy ra vào dịp đặc biệt (Ex: The party can be opened by appointment)
  • By the arm/ hand: Cầm tay (He took me by the hand as we walked along the street)
  • By birth: Gốc (Ex:I grew up in England but I’m Irish by birth).
  • By bus/train/plane, etc: Bằng phương tiện gì (Ex: Are you going to go there by bus or by train?)
  • By chance: Vô tình (Ex: I found his letter by chance)
  • By day/night: lúc sáng/tối (Ex: The Eiffel Tower looks spectacular by night)
  • By design: Định hướng (Ex: I became a girl like her by his design)
  • By the dozen: Một tá (Ex:I always buy eggs by the dozen)
  • By far: đến thời điểm này (Ex: ‘Before Sunset’ is by far my favourite film)
  • By hand: tự làm (Ex: She make the cake by hand)
  • By heart: thuộc lòng (We had to remember it by heart)
  • By invitation: Được mời (Ex: She is gone by invitation only)
  • By land/sea/air: bằng đường bộ/ biển/ trên không (Ex: I get sick whenever I travel by sea)
  • By luck: Gặp may (Ex: They can’t keep in touch but meet together by luck)
  • By means of: Bởi  (Ex: I was able to afford the car by means of a bank loan)
  • By mistake: Không may ( I chose the wrong road by mistake. Now we’re lost)
  • By nature: Tự nhiên  (Ex: German people tend to be quite organised by nature)

4/ Một số cụm giới từ TOEIC bắt đầu bằng “FOR”

Những cụm giới từ TOEIC bắt đầu bằng “FOR” thường sẽ giúp câu văn thêm chau chuốt và có phần rõ ràng gọn hơn.

  • For ages: Thời gian rất lâu (Ex: I have missed him  for ages. Where has he been?)
  • For breakfast/lunch/dinner: Cho bữa ăn (Ex: What did you want to have for breakfast?)
  • For certain/sure: chắc chắn (Ex: I know for certain that he doesn’t care)
  • For a change: Thay đổi (Ex:We know that we need something for change)
  • For ever (or forever): Mãi mãi (Ex: You don’t love me for ever, unfortunately)
  • For fear of: Sợ (Ex: He doesn’t tell me the truth for fear of losing me?)
  • For good: mãi mãi (Ex: I can’t beside to you for good)
  • For a moment: một lúc nào đó (Ex: For a moment, he will miss me and don’t know how he lost the girl like me)
  • For the moment: lúc này (Ex: I want to go back for the moment)
  • For nothing: Không vì gì cả (Ex: I can’t believe that it is true. I came all this way for nothing)
  • For once: Ít nhất một lần (Ex: For once, can you try to remember something about me?)
  • For the rest of: Thời gian còn lại (Ex: I just treat him better for the rest of my time)