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Wrong Usage 

I had breakfast with cereal and milk. X 

I had cereal and milk for breakfast. V

The first sentence, the one which is incorrect, is common error. It implies that you and the cereal and milk had breakfast together. You can have breakfast with your husband, or your wife, or your family but not with cereal and milk. 

  • What did you have for breakfast? 
  • I – had – milk and coffee (for breakfast) (Subject – Verb – Object)

Another similar error is:

I go to work with my car.  X

I go to work by car. V 

In the first sentence, it implies that you and your car go to work together. You can go to work with a person, but when you speak about the means of transport that you use to get there, you need to say; by car, by bus, by train, or on foot. 

We were in two at the restaurant last night. 

There were two of us at the restaurant last night. V

This is a common error with students who speak languages deriving from Latin. Once again, this is a case of‘mother tongue interference’. 

My sister has got my same eyes. X 

My sister has got the same eyes as me. V