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glasses _



older man 

younger man_

Listen to the sample response. As you listen, please sort the value in order: 
  • An older man is sitting behind the desk. He’s wearing glasses.
  • On the left, there is a young man with a white shirt leaning over a desk. He’s probably a technology expert.
  • The computer cables are at the back of the computer unit, where the young man is working.
  • There is a computer unit on the right side of the table.
  • The younger man is connecting the computer cables.
  • The older man is watching the younger man fix his computer.

Create your own response using the template. Record your response if possible.


The younger man   


The older man is   

The younger man is probably   

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There are two men at a desk. The younger man has brown hair and a white shirt. He is hooking up wires on the back of a computer. The older man is wearing glasses, and he is watching the younger man work on the computer. The younger man is probably from technology support. He is most likely fixing the older man’s computer.