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Part 1: Photographs
Part 2: Question-Response
In Part 2 of the TOEIC you will be tested on your ability to respond to a question. It is very important that you can understand and identify wh-questions. You will listen to three possible responses. Only one of the responses is correct.
Part 3: Conversations
In this part of the test you will listen to a short conversation between a man and a woman. After the conversation, you will answer three questions about the dialogue. There will be four possible answers for each question. Typical questions include, who, what, where, when, why, and how. You may also be asked to make an inference.
Part 4: Short Talks
In Part 4 you will listen to a short talk. It might be an announcement, a radio advertisement, or a telephone recording. You will listen to the talk and read a few questions about it.
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First you will hear a short talk:

Next you will read a few questions with four answer choices:

1. What should the passengers do before exiting the ship?

A) Welcome the visitors
B) Check the time
C) Collect their personal items
D) Take a picture

2. What does the speaker imply?

A) The water was rough.
B) The weather was poor yesterday.
C) The tour went faster than usual.
D) There is only one way to exit.

3. What will happen in five minutes?

A) The ship will arrive at the dock.
B) The passengers will go shopping.
C) The passengers will take photos of the ship.
D) The market will open.

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Explanation 1:

  • Choice A has the word “welcome”. This is a repeated word. This choice does not make sense because the visitors and passengers are the same people.
  • Choice B distracts you because of the association you automatically make between time and “five minutes”.
  • Choice D is the wrong choice for two reasons. Firstly, because they are going to have a picture taken (passive). Secondly, because this will happen after they get off the ship.

The correct answer is C.

Explanation 2:

  • Choice A is related to cruising on a ship, but is not mentioned.
  • Choice C is related to time. The recording mentions that there is “five minutes” until docking, but there is no indication that the ship is docking early.
  • Choice D is incorrect because the speaker suggests exiting to the right, implying that there is also an exit at the left.

The correct answer is B.

Explanation 3:

  • Choice B will happen, but not in five minutes. The time is confused.
  • Choice C confuses the passengers getting off the ship and taking photos of the ship.
  • Choice D repeats the word “market” but does not answer the question.

The correct answer is A.


Good morning ladies and gentleman. This is your tour guide speaking. I hope you have enjoyed the cruise of the inner harbour today. We certainly had a nice day for it, especially compared to yesterday. The ship will be docking in approximately five minutes. Once we are docked, please collect all of your belongings and exit the ship. As a reminder, our group will be exiting to the right. Follow the north ramp all the way to the far end of the platform. Before heading to the farmer’s market we will gather under the ferry terminal Welcome Sign for a group photo.