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Part 1: Photographs
Part 2: Question-Response
In Part 2 of the TOEIC you will be tested on your ability to respond to a question. It is very important that you can understand and identify wh-questions. You will listen to three possible responses. Only one of the responses is correct.
Part 3: Conversations
In this part of the test you will listen to a short conversation between a man and a woman. After the conversation, you will answer three questions about the dialogue. There will be four possible answers for each question. Typical questions include, who, what, where, when, why, and how. You may also be asked to make an inference.
Part 4: Short Talks
In Part 4 you will listen to a short talk. It might be an announcement, a radio advertisement, or a telephone recording. You will listen to the talk and read a few questions about it.
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That was a short movie, wasn’t it?

 A B C D

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(A) The theater on Glenn Road. → Rạp chiếu trên Glenn Road.
(B) You’re right—it was only an hour! → Bạn nói đúng-nó chỉ có một tiếng đồng hồ!
(C) I must have misplaced it. → Tôi chắc đã để sai nó ở đâu.