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IELTS Mock Exam
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Wild Animals

Have you ever seen a wild animal before? Which wild animal do you like the most? Do you like going to zoos?


Do you wear jeans? How often do you wear jeans? Do you like wearing jeans? Why do you think jeans are popular in your country?


Why do some people throw litter/garbage on the street? What do you do with your litter/garbage? How do you feel when you see people throw litter/garbage? Do you think your city is clean or not?



Describe a short trip you often take but do not like

You should say: • Where you travel from and to • How often you make this trip • Why you make this trip • And explain why you dislike this trip


DESCRIBE different types of holidays which people choose EXPLAIN why some people prefer not to take holidays DESCRIBE the benefits of travelling to another country DESCRIBE the dangers of travelling abroad COMPARE the types of holidays people take now with holidays taken in the past SPECULATE on the type of holidays people might take in the future