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IELTS Mock Exam
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IELTS Mock test (Jan) Speaking questions:

Part 1
– Why do you think computers and computer games have become more important over the last few decades?
– How important are computers in our lives now?
– Are there any bad points about computers and computer games?
– How influential is the internet on our daily lives?

– Who uses the telephone most in your house?
– Do you usually make and receive many calls?
– Do you prefer talking on the telephone or writing to people?

Part 2
Describe a recent news story that you have read or heard about
You should say:
– What is it about?
– When and where did you read/hear about it?
– What effect did it have on you?

Part 3
– DESCRIBE how the internet has changed the way we get news
– DESCRIBE what qualities a good journalist needs
– ASSESS which is the most reliable medium for getting news (internet, TV, radio, newspapers)
– CONSIDER whether censorship of news by governments is ever justified