Speaking Mock Test 12/01 » Luyện thi Gò Vấp
IELTS Mock Exam
Bài học


  1. Which part of your country do you want to live in ?
  2. What make you feel proud of your cuntry ?
  3. Do you know the history of country well ?
  4. Will you stay in foreign country in the future ?

Part 2:

Describe a time when you encouraged someone to do something that he/she didn’t want to do

You should say:

  • Who he or she is
  • What you encouraged him/her to do
  • How he/she reacted
  • and explain why you encouraged him/her

Part 3

  1. How can leaders encourage their employees
  2. When should parents encourage their children?
  3. What kind of encouragedment should parents give ?
  4. Do you think some people are better than others ar persuading ?