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The pie charts display the sources of energy production in 1985 and 2003. Looking from an overall perspective, it is clear that in 1985 the majority of energy came from primarily oil followed by nuclear power, natural gas, and coal with cleaner energy sources rarer. By 2003, renewables became slightly more common or remained level, the use of oil decreased but was still the most used, while both coal and natural gas underwent the largest increases.

In 1985, oil represented 52% of all energy sourced, though this figure had declined to 39% by 2003. Nuclear power, which was the second most pervasive energy source in 1985 at 22%, had the steepest fall to just 8% in 2003. In contrast, natural gas rose from 13% to 23% and coal nearly tripled to 22%.

In terms of the cleaner energy sources, hydro power represented 4% of total usage in both years while other renewables quadrupled from 1% in 1985 to 4% in 2003.


▪️display = show

▪️sources = origins

▪️majority = most of

▪️primarily = mainly

▪️followed by = after that

▪️rare = not that common

▪️slightly more common = a little more popular

▪️remained level = stayed the same

▪️underwent experienced

▪️represented = constituted

▪️declined = decreased

▪️pervasive = common

▪️steepest = strongest

▪️In contrast = however

▪️nearly tripled = almost 3x

▪️in terms of = concerning

▪️total usage = complete production

▪️quadrupled = 4x