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Writing Actual Test on 21/04/2022


Task 1: The bar chart shows attendance by age groups at three types of music events in Australia in 2006.

Task 2: Many countries aim to improve their living standards through economic development but social values can be lost as a result.

Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?


Task 1: The bar chart shows the average consumption of coffee and tea per person in five countries in a year.

Task 2: Nowadays, more and more older people have to compete with young people for the same job.

What problems can this cause? What are the solutions?



mprovements in technology as well as medicine have increased people’s life expectancies these days, and an increasing number of older people are in good physical health, allowing them to work even in their 70s. This is making the world of work even more competitive. While some problems are certain to arise as a result of this trend, a number of steps can be taken to deal with them.

The main problem is perhaps a rise in unemployment figures. When a young or elderly person competes for the same position, one of them will definitely have to lose, for the company needs the most qualified, professional, and experienced candidate. Fierce competition in the job market is also likely to place an academic burden on job applicants, whether old or young. If people see that it is becoming tougher to get a job, they tend to think of ways to develop a competitive advantage over others, and one of the most obvious methods of doing so is through further education. If, in the past, it was possible to receive a job offer without a college or university degree, it no longer seems to be the case.

Nevertheless, several effective steps can be taken to tackle these issues. First and foremost, more factories, offices, and workplaces have to be built, and governments play an essential part in this, either by doing it themselves or incentivizing private organizations. This should create more job openings for people, thereby decreasing unemployment numbers. Another workable solution could be to seek opportunities overseas. It is true that there is an uneven demand for labor around the world; I was surprised to see the number of vacancies in the USA upon my visit there. So, perhaps governments should establish employment links with countries that are in need of a workforce.

In conclusion, the issues of growing unemployment and increased expectations as a result of young and old people competing for the same employment openings can be alleviated by creating more opportunities within countries and overseas, and governments are big players in this.