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🍁 Get a good night’s sleep
Make sure that you get enough rest the night before the IELTS test. Tiredness will directly affect your ability to concentrate.

🍁 Eat breakfast
Eat a good meal before the exam. Your brain definitely functions better when you’re not hungry.

🍁 Wear comfortable clothes
Wear appropriate clothing that won’t distract you from concentrating on the exam. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight, and consider the fact that the exam room might be cold or warm so dress in layers.

🍁 Take a soda to the exam hall
You are allowed to take a transparent bottle of water, pencil, eraser and passport to the exam hall. But instead of water, you can also take a bottle of soda to keep your awareness and blood sugar high as it contains both caffeine and sugar.

🍁 Pay attention to spelling & punctuation
Spelling and punctuation are very important throughout the entire IELTS test and you’ll lose points if your answers are spelled incorrectly or you use punctuation incorrectly.

🍁 Pay attention to the word limits
Keep in mind that you will lose marks if you exceed the word limits. So pay attention to where the answers should be “not more than three words”, as well as the writing tasks, which should be 250 and 150 words.