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Conditionals, wishes, present subjunctive and real or unreal.
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1. had                        2. were/was shining        3. had gone.                4.could swim

5. knew                6. lived        7. had told        8. was/ were wearing

9. had                        10. would stop                11. had gone                12. would sing

13. was/were lying        14. wouldn’t give        15. had driven                16. had gotten

17. were/was                18. would go                19. hadn’t quit                20. would lend


1. I hadnt’ eaten                2. It’d/ it would stop                        3. I knew

4. I’d/ I had taken                5. Ann were/ was                        6. They’d/ they would hurry up

7. didn’t have                        8. We’d/ we had had                        9. It wasn’t/ weren’t

10. I could                        11. I hadn’t said                        12. You’d/ you would slow down

13. we hadn’t gone                14. You wouldn’t go/ didn’t go        15. I’d/ I had saved

16. it was/ were                17. I had found                        18. somebody would answer

19. there weren’t                20. You had told


1. I wish I knew French.

2. I wish it were not noisy for me to read the book.

3. I wish I had a bicycle so that I won’t walk to school everyday.

4. I wish it didn’t rain heavily now.

5. I wish the book were not expensive for me to afford it.

6. I wish I had a lot of friends.

7. I wish I had free time to watch the TV programs.

8. I wish she knew my address.

9. I wish there were (a lot of) people in the hall.

10. I wish they were not late for the meeting

or: I wish they were on time for the meeting.

11. I wish there were enough water for US to drink.

12. I wish the question were not difficult for US to answer.

13. I wish I didn’t have to go now.

14. I wish he were good at speaking.

15. I wish it were not far from my house to my school.

16. I wish she advised him to give up smoking.

17. I wish I had come to the party last night.

18. I wish you had given me a chance to tell you the truth.

19. Mary wishes she could attend your wedding next week.

20. I wish I had learned to play a musical instrument.