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Conditionals, wishes, present subjunctive and real or unreal.
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1. Football is played all over the world.

2. We have just been told about that.

3. That note is being written in my sister’s notebook (by her).

4. Those maps are kept on the shelves for reference.

5. My little sister was given a ticket.

6. All the members have been invited to the party.

7. Banners and flags have been put up in the square.

8. The announcement was being made by the head teacher.

9. The lion was ordered to lie on the floor by the tamer.

10. You will be helped with your homework tonight.

11. An important announcement was made on TV by the director last night.

12. Thousands of people have been provided with food by them.

13. His old car was sold and a new one was bought by him.

14. Another book about science is being written by him.

15. Exercise 5 on page 40 is being done right now by my students.

16. She is often visited twice a week by me.

17. We were told an interesting story by her.

18. A car was being driven when the accident was seen.

19. A decision must be made as soon as possible.

20. TV isn’t watched at night by her.

21. Was their work finished yesterday?

22. The accident must be reported to the policeman.

23. The final examination was taken by all students.

24. He ought to be shown how to use this computer.

25. Naturally, English is spoken very well.

26. The house will be rebuilt next year.

27. Where will you be sent next year?

28. By whom the children were looked after when you were away?

29. Have you ever been asked for your opinion?

30. Dogs must be kept in the garden.

31. The library cards will be issued soon.

32. The car shall have to be towed to the garage.

33. Passengers’ tickets shouldn’t be thrown away.

34. Dictionaries may not be used by candidates.

35. This could be done much more easily by a machine.

36. He will be seen off at the airport by his family.

37. He’s a dangerous man. He ought to be locked up.

38. Today English is spoken by a large number of people.

39. All her valuable jewelry was stolen last night.

40. My piano is being repaired at the moment.


l. cut                   3. taken                3. sent                4. serviced            5. broken

6. offered           7. were you born        8. repaired        9. was given            10. was made


1. I’m having my car serviced tomorrow.

2. I had my bike stolen yesterday.

3. We had our house painted last year.

4. I’m having my tooth taken out tomorrow!

5. I’ve just had my hair cut.

6. We’re having our new carpet fitted tomorrow.

7. Ann has just had her portrait painted.