A public place you visited and you think needs improvements. » Luyện thi Gò Vấp
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Shadowing Technique Practice
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✤ What is it?
✤ When you visited
✤ What you liked and disliked about it
✤ Why do you think it needs improvements?

• There are a number of places in my city where people are visited like gardens,shopping malls, city centers.
• These places add to the beauty of the city and people visit these places for meeting people,doing exercise,shopping and spend leisure time.
• Nowadays a number of restaurants are also opened where people enjoy the different kinds of foods and dishes.
• Today,I would like to talk about the nature park which is situated in the heart of the city.
• About a decade ago it was under the forest department but then the government of Punjab established it as a park on the demand of the local people.
• There is a different kind of flowers blooming in the garden which presents a beautiful view of nature.
• In last year my relatives came in summer vacations and I took them to see the park.
• There were swings also for the children where kids enjoyed.
• People were doing exercise and walking.
• But it needs improvements because people throw the waste bottles and papers here and there which spoiled the beauty of the park.
• Some dogs have also entered the park and it is a thing to be worried about because these stray dogs can harm anyone.
• Moreover, there were no arrangements of drinking water because the water cooler established there were also not working.
• So the city corporation should look into the matter immediately.

Follow ups
1. Are there many public places in Vietnam?
Yes,Vietnam is a big and diverse country having a lot of population.Where there is public,there are bound to be public places.\

2. Do you like to exercise in public places such as parks?
Yes,of course.In this way,I get to exercise and also get some fresh air.Moreover,there are many people exercising in the park,which encourages everyone to exercise there.

3. Do older people or younger people like exercising in the public place?
I believe this has nothing to do with age.Parks are good places to exercise for all age groups.The type of exercise may be different but all age groups can be seen exercising in the parks.

4. What measures should governments and individuals take to keep these places clean?
Governments should have trash-cans at regular places and appoint people to regularly clean these bins.People should be educated by the media to keep these places clean.There should be fines for those who litter the place.

5. How to maintain a balance between public places and private houses?
Every colony or society should have its own public place,so that people of that area can come out and socialize with each other.There should be laws for city planners to keep spaces for these public places when they design towns and cities.