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Describe a situation where you helped an old person

✤ When you helped?
✤ Where did you help?
✤ How you helped?
✤ How you felt about it?

• A number of occasions come in our life when we get an opportunity to meet the strangers.
• It gives us chance to help someone who really needs it.
• I have helped many persons at different times and in different situations.
• But today I would like to talk about a situation when I was traveling from Manila to India via Hongkong by broadening the air flight of jet airways.
• I was coming back from Manila to India after spending two months with my brother who is residing there.
• By chance, the seat next to me occupied by an old person who was also coming from mainly.
• Because he also belongs to Punjab,so I started the conversation with him,he told me about the purpose of his visit we talked for long hours and when he told me that he belonged to the district Ludhiana like me.
• so,I feel affection towards him,he has a problem to converse with the air hostess when the cabin crew staff was serving the eatables because he did not speak well in English so, I helped him as a translator between him and staff.
• It makes ease for him.
• After a long journey,the flight landed at the IGI airport Delhi India.
• Furthermore,I also helped him at the immigration counter and at the baggage claim counter.
• He was near about 65 years old and was unable to carry his luggage so,I arranged a trolly for him.
• I helped him to fill the custom and immigration forms.
• When we came out of the airport his family comes to receive him.
• He introduced me to them and all thanked me.
• We also exchange our phone numbers I felt very calm and satisfied after helping an old needy person.

1. How can the older generation be helped?
The old generation can be helped in many ways.They can be taught the use of latest technological gadgets,which can help them pass their time in a much happier way.My grandfather is a good example.I installed the whatsappapp in his phone and now he is happy reading jokes sent by his friends and chatting with them.They can also be helped by making them feel wanted.They can be assigned the work of looking after their grandchildren,which can reduce their loneliness and the young parents can become free to pursue their careers,without the worry of caring for their children.Children also are under the watchful eyes of their elders.So,it is a win-win situation for one and all.

2. What are the benefits of helping older people?
There are many benefits of helping older people.Whether we accept it or not,we all know that the whole society is greying.There are so many elderly people.They have to be helped to become as asset and not a liability.We can help them in keeping good health and becoming self-sufficient.

3. What is the current situation of families? Do they help each other?
I belong to India,and fortunately in India,family values are still very much alive.Families help each other in all ways they can.We may not be living in joint 6 families any more,but the extended family system is still there.Even if we live in nuclear families we are still well connected to each other.We have get-togethers on family functions and enjoy the warmth of relations.

4. Is childcare important?Who does it?
Childcare is very important.Good childcare can turn children into healthy,responsible adults,who respect social values and create the world a much better place to live in.

5. How do parents manage work life balance and raise children?
Managing work-life balance is an arduous task and very challenging nowadays.On top of that raising children in a good way is why many people are coming back to the old joint family system.Young working parents have begun to realise that no one can be better to look after their children than their own grandparents.Those who cannot,for any reason,avail the luxury of a joint family,have to shell out a huge sum of money on day-care centres for their children.