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✤ When did it happen
✤ What happened
✤ Why are you interested in it
✤ Who told you first about it?

• History of any country has an important role to play for that country.
• Because it is a significant source of inspiration and knowledge for the coming generation.
• Indian people suffered from the slavery of British people.
• India had become under British rule for near about 300 years whether history is not my favourite subject but some events of it really inspired me.
• I would like to talk about the freedom movement of youngsters of Punjab.
• For the instant, Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh sarabha, Chander shaker Azad, Rajguru, Sukhdev.
• They all play a crucial role in the freedom struggle.
• This movement has occurred in the first half of the twentieth century.
• This movement highlights the bravery of Punjabi youth.
• I have seen many movies on the life of the star struggler of the freedom movement,Bhagat Singh.
• These movies show how this young man uprooted the roots of the english empire with this efforts.
• My grandfather was in young age at that time and he told me that Bhagat Singh was just 23 years old when he was hanged by the British empire.
• My grandfather also told me that Bhagat Singh and his two companions were cremated in Husaniwala, Ferozpur and I feel proud of that young man because once I visited that place with my grandfather.

Follow Ups
1. Do you think nowadays children are learning too much about history?
No,I don’t think so.Though there are more sources for learning about history today,like museums,the internet and films,but children don’t seem interested in the past,somehow.

2. Many children tend to get bored with history because of all these dates,time and names to remember,do you agree with that?
Yes,I do agree because even I am intimidated with dates.When there are too many dates to remember,it becomes boring.However,if history is taught through movies and TV serials,then many people would start taking interest in history.

3. Some people tend to go against the idea of learning from past experiences,what about you?
Well,everyone looks at things differently.I believe that the past is a good teacher of life.You learn from the past and try to avoi those mistakes,which were made then.Many politicians have handled tough times with lessons from the pas.