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1. How often do you buy shoes?
✤ For me comfort of shoes is more important than the looks,so whenever I find a pair of shoes that are very comfortable I don’t miss the chance to buy.As a matter of fact I end up buying a pair of shoes every month.

2. Have you ever bought shoes online?
✤ Yes,online shopping these days offers a wider range of products,than conventional shopping in the stores.So I prefer to buy shoes online these days.I just bought a pair yesterday.

3. Do you know anyone who likes to buy a lot of shoes?
✤ Yes I have come across many people who like to buy a lot of shoes.My sister,my aunt,my mother all of them have a good collection of Shoes in all colours.

4. What’s your favourite type of shoes?
✤ As I just mentioned my favourite type of pair of shoe is the one that offers comfort rather than good looks only.I like shoes that are simple in design and polishable.