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Describe about some story which you like a lot or someone told you about

✤ Who told you this story?
✤ When did you hear it?
✤ What was the story about?
✤ Why you liked this story? or Why you found it memorable

• There are a number of stories that are popular in my country
• Like the thirsty crow, the greedy dog, unity is strength and so on
• Here I would like to talk about a story which is very popular in not just my country but in the whole world.
• It is the story of a thirsty crow
• I heard it so many times from my grandmother in my childhood.
• It was also there in my KG book
• People in my country know about this story through the elderly at home and through school books
• Everyone likes this story because it teaches moral values of life in a simple and interesting way
• Now I would like to tell the story
• Once upon a time there was a crow.
• The crow was very intelligent.
• One day it became very thirsty.
• It wanted to quench its thirst.
• It looked for water everywhere.
• But nowhere could it find the water.
• Then it found a pitcher with a little water at the bottom.
• The crow could not reach the water.
• It pondered and immediately hit upon an idea.
• It gathered pebbles and dropped them in the pitcher.
• The water level rose.
• It drank the water and quenched its thirst.
• The moral of the story is that at the time of adversity you’ve to use your wits.

1. Has storytelling changed over a period of time?
Yes,definitely.Everything changes with time.My grandmother used to tell me stories from her memory,and had no book in her hand.Now,I see my sister reads out stories to her children from the various books she buys from the market.Telling stories to children has also largely been replaced by watching TV.Grandparents,parents and children are glued to the TV screen for long hours and there is no time left for story telling.

2. Which way is better,traditional storytelling or the use of technology in storytelling?
I believe the traditional method is much better.It has a personal touch and increases the bonding between parents or grandparents and children.Unfortunately,it is dying out and programmes like curious George and Chhota Bhim are taking its place.

3. Do you think that generally most of the people are good at storytelling?
It is very difficult to generalize and answer this question.One thing is sure,and that is that we all tell stories from time to time in our life.Some people are born story tellers and can bind their audiences for long periods of time.They can concoct stories on the spur of the moment.It is difficult to tell whether their stories are fake or real.

4. What makes storytelling effective?
The way the stories are told can make any story effective.The use of gestures also helps.Using the right pauses at the right places and good pronunciation makes the stories effective.But,perhaps the most important thing to see is to read the interest of the audience.Fairy tales may amuse children,but may not create impact on adult listeners.Young people may be interested to hear stories related to their favourite celebs.

5. Is it important to tell stories?
Yes,it is very important to tell stories.They are a good means of communication.Sometimes a message may be conveyed through a story in a much better way than by a simple conversation.

6. Is reading books beneficial or watching documentaries better?
Both have their sets of pros and cons.But,I think reading has an edge over watching a documentary.Reading is an active phenomenon,whereas watching a documentary is a passive activity.Reading is not only good for children,but also delays cognitive decline in the elderly.Dementias can be delayed if people read a lot.However,watching a documentary can make things easier to understand,and if made well,can have a longlasting effect.