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Describe a place where you often visit with friends and family

✤ Where is it
✤ How you know the place
✤ How you go there
✤ Why you want to visit it

I love shopping.
• It’s one of my favorite hobbies.
• I normally do shopping in bulk at wholesale stores.
• There is one such store – Best Price around 15 mins drive from Jalandhar.
• The store opened around four five years ago.
• I remember when it opened there was a huge advertisement and one could see claims like best price guarantee.
• I thought it was a marketing gimmick.
• Then one day my uncle visited it and told us the claims are not false.
• The store really offers huge discounts.
• There are heavier discounts on larger order sizes.
• We normally go there once every month.
• It’s around 12kms from my house.We normally prefer to take our car.
• Sometimes my uncle also joins us.
• We buy so many things like groceries,utensils,cleaning supplies and fruits.
• Recently they added a new garments section too.
• Another advantage is that the store offers free cardboard packaging.
• Also on orders worth more than Rs5000 they offer free home delivery as well.
• They have a good parking space too.
• But during festival season even this huge parking falls short.
• We can see queues outside the store.
• I can spend hours and hours here just shopping and never getting bored.
• There is just one thing that I dislike and it’s the long queues at the checkout counters.

Follow ups
1. Do you like to hang out with your friends?
Yes,I like to go out with my friends quite often.We normally meet over the weekends and watch a movie together or go for shopping. Sometimes we just roam around in the market when we are free.

2.What do you think is the most important thing of being friends?
The most important thing about being friends is caring for each other.And friends should not be selfish. They should also trust and share things with each other.

3. Do you think that technology makes it easier to make new friends?
Yes it is very easy to make friends nowadays because of technology.Earlier people could make friends only when they met someone but now they can make friends on social networking websites and also from different parts of the world.

4. How could people find reliable friends on the internet?
Friends are really important part of our lives.In such a time it is difficult to find good and trustworthy friends, especially on the internet, so whenever you make friends online make sure you have some common interest and don’t share personal things in the beginning. Later you should also try to meet them in real life and learn more about them in this way you can be sure if they fake or real.

5. Do you like to make friends with older people?
Yes I like to make friends with older people because one gets to learn a lot from them. Older people have lots of experiences to share from which we can learn and become successful in life.Also older people feel happy when younger people talk to them.