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Shadowing Technique Practice
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1. Do you often read newspapers?
✤ Yes,I often read newspapers.I read the newspaper every day.I come to know what is happening around me and in the world.

2. Which do you prefer reading,magazines or newspapers?
✤ I prefer reading newspapers because I like to know what is happening around me.

3. What kinds of(types of)newspapers(or magazines)do you usually read?
✤ My father has subscribed to the Tribune.So I read that daily.It is a National newspaper,but has a maximum circulation in Punjab.

4. How old were you when you first started to read newspapers?
✤ I remember I was 10 years old when I started reading the newspaper.I started from the sports section.

5. Do you think it’s important to read newspapers?(Why?/Why not?)
✤ It is very important to read newspapers.We feel connected with the whole world.

6. Why do (you think)people read newspapers?
✤ People read newspapers to know what is happening around them.They also read newspapers for the international news.They also read newspapers for the employment advertisements and matrimonial.

7. What different types of newspaper are there in India?
✤ There are broadsheets and tabloids.There are newspapers in English,Hindi,Punjabi and other regional languages.

8. Do you care about the news?
✤ Yes,I care about the news.I think news is very important.We should be aware of what is happening around us and in the whole world.

9. Is the news important (to you)?
(same as above)

10. What kinds of news do Indian people read in newspapers?
✤ Indian people like to read fall types of news.They read local news,National news,International news,Sports news and many other news.

11. Do you prefer to read about domestic(or local)news or international news?(Why?)
✤ I like to read domestic news as well as international news.

12. What are some methods that newspapers use to attract readers?
✤ Some newspapers use colourful graphics.Some use very bold headlines.Some newspapers add puzzles like Sudoku and crossword puzzles to attractive readers.

13. What influence do you think newspapers have on society?
✤ Newspapers have a lot of effect on society.They shape people’s opinions.Through letters to the editor they are a link between the government and people.They also entertain us.

14. Do you think the Internet is a good way to get news?
✤ Yes,the Internet is a really good way to get the news nowadays.People subscribe to the e-newspapers.There are many apps off the TV News channels,which help the people to be updated all the time.