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Shadowing Technique Practice
New Learning Management System (LMS)
IELTS Speaking
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1. May I know your full name?
My full name is………….
(Note: Full name means given name + middle name if any + surname.
Mostly students will speak the name given in the passport, which may not have the surname. So,you must speak your full name in answer to this question)

2. How may I address you?
You may address me as ………….
(Note 1: Here you may even speak your nickname.It just means that while asking the next questions,the examiner will call you by that name.
Note 2: Many students start speaking their address here.Here,the word ‘address’ has been used as a verb, which means ‘call’.In other words,the question is- How may I call you?)

3. May I see your ID?
Here is my passport.
(Note: open the first page of the passport and show it to the examiner.You don’t need to say ‘Yes’)

4. Where do you come from?
I come from ..It is a big city in the ………..