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IELTS Speaking Topics Part 1

The below list contains more than just questions, it also shows speaking topics examiners have asked people in the past. A great tip is to answer these IELTS speaking part 1 questions in a mirror or with a friend. The table below shows the frequency each topic is used:

Topics Frequency
Hometown/Accommodation/Country High
Friends/Family/Housework/Children High
TV/Reading/Music/Newspapers & Magazines/Films High
Technology/Computers/Internet High
Work/Jobs/Career Planning/Volunteer Work High
School majors/High School Medium
Sports/Outdoor Activities/Indoor Activities Medium
Travel/Lifestyle Medium
Season/Rain/Sunny Days/Weather Medium
Fashion/Shoes/Bags/Clothes Medium
Transportation/Boats/Buses/Taxis Medium
Celebrities/Advertisements/Media Medium
Photos/Photography/Colors/Art Low
Noise/Patience/Politeness Low
Mirrors/Gifts Low

IELTS Speaking Topics Part 2 & 3

Now you’ll learn some of the more commonly used topics from speaking part 2 & 3 and go through a few speaking questions related to the topics (included with each question is a band 9 sample response).

Broad Category IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3
Media & Entertainment Advertisements/Art/Books/Internet/News/TV
Object Clothing/Electronic Devices/Food/Furniture/Gifts
Machine/Money/Musical Instruments/Traditional Products/Vegetables
People Teacher/Family/Friends/Influential People/Good Parents
Place City/Company/School/Museums/party/Shopping Places
Events A change in life/Decision/Exciting Experiences/Holiday/Illness Experiences
Helping People/Memorable Experiences/An Experience of Being Late/Travel Experiences
Society Environment/Traffic Rule/Society/Transportation
Others Leisure Activities/Language/Sports