Describe a time when you saw children behaved badly in public » Luyện thi Gò Vấp
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Shadowing Technique Practice
New Learning Management System (LMS)
IELTS Speaking
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You should say:
– Where it was
– What the children were doing
– How others reacted to it
And explain how you felt about it

⚡️Sample Answer:

I’ll tell you about the time when I almost slapped a kid in the face. This may sound harsh but that’s exactly what happened, and I’m going to tell you the story from the beginning.

So last year I wanted to take the IELTS test for the 3rd time with a higher target, and as you can imagine, I needed time to practice. However since I can’t work whenever I stay at home, I gotta go somewhere else to, you know, get into the mood. It didn’t take me long to choose a small café called Lilac & Gooseberries since it’s always been my priority whenever I want a place to get down to some work.

When I arrived at the café, everything was as great as usual. I chose a seat near a small corner on the 2nd floor for as much privacy as possible. About 1 hour later, a woman and her kid approached and sat right next to me. Little did I know it was the start of a disaster.

When the woman received a phone call, she left her table and her son behind and went downstairs. Apparently, the boy was listening to music on his smartphone. Then, he started to sing along. He was putting on his earphones so obviously he couldn’t be aware of his own terrible voice.

At first, the level of noise was endurable, so somehow I was hoping that I could live with it. But gradually, the kid got louder and louder and did not care about other people in the café.

Finally, my patience ran out. I remembered that moment quite well. I was writing an IELTS essay and was having some difficulties generating ideas, which made me a little bit cranky and upset. So when the terrible noise started again, I was boiling with rage. In the heat of the moment, confronted the kid, looked him straight in the face, and warned him that if he doesn’t shut up, I swear I will slap him in the face. The boy was surprised, of course, and scared. He didn’t dare to make any sound after that. About 5 minutes later, his mom came back, and I talked with her about what happened. I said that I didn’t mean to threaten the kid, and I just want to have some quietness to focus on my work. Fortunately his mom was a reasonable woman. She told her son to apologize to me and other people, and said that there are no hard feelings.