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1. How do you feel about birds?(Why do you feel that way?)
✤ I feel that birds are very special.They are beautiful creations of God.They add diversity to nature.

2. How do Indian people feel about birds?
✤ India is a diverse country.Everyone has different feelings.Some love birds,and keep them as pets.Others just admire them flying in the sky.Some even eat birds.

3. Are there many birds near your home?
✤ Yes,there are birds near my home.I can see pigeons,crows,sparrows and even the cuckoo bird occasionally.

4. Have you seen many different kinds of birds?(near your home)
✤ Yes,I have seen many different birds.Apart from the birds I see routinely around my house,I have seen peacocks in my neighbouring village.I have also seen some rare birds,in the Chhattbir zoo.There were different varieties of parrots and the ostrich and emu over there.

5. Do any birds have any particular significance in India?For example,does India have a national bird?
✤ Yes,peacock is our national bird.It is a beautiful bird.The male looks very beautiful with its plumes spread out.

6. Do you think birds should be protected?(Why? /Why not?How can they be protected?)
✤ Yes,definitely.They are beautiful creations of nature.They add diversity to our environment.Apart from that,they are the best pollinators.Also,birds eat insects.That is why crops are protected.They are part of our ecological chain.We all know that if any link of our ecological chain is not there,then the whole ecology can collapse.Birds can be protected by having strict laws against catching and selling birds.The NGOs like SPCA,which means Society for prevention of cruelty to animals,and the PFA,which means people for animals can also help in this matter.

7. Do Indian people like raising(keeping)pet birds?
✤ Yes,they do.Some people keep birds as pets.They keep colourful parrots and pigeons as pets.

8. Have you ever raised(kept)a pet bird?
✤ No,I have never raised a pet bird.There is a lot of work involved.