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Describe A Problem You Had While Shopping Online Or In A Store

🔔Describe a problem you had while shopping online or in a store ( IELTS Speaking Band 9)

– what you bought
– when you bought it
– what problems you had
– explain how you felt about it


Well, I’m not one of those people who likes to buy stuff online. That’s not what I do, you know purchasing things online is kind of weird and I am 100% sure that it doesn’t really live up to your expectations. When you get the real product. How do I know it because I tried once so back in the day about a year ago. I kind of remember the process vividly because that was terrible to purchase that product. So I try to buy a phone case white phone case. Yes, because I couldn’t find one in the market specifically for my phone. So I tried to buy it from AliExpress. All right at that moment AliExpress was like, whoa booming up. Everybody was trying to buy something and some people were running businesses on that side and you know, like it was just crazy times. So I just tried to buy a phone case and the process of purchasing was really good was it was smooth like it went really well. I bought it. Yeah, you know, I just paid the price and transactions were fast and everything was going well and they told me to wait for two weeks and you know how long I waited I waited for two months two months and the only to see a broken product and the color was different the case of the color of the case was rent and I was like so angry so pissed about it, and I couldn’t yell. Delivery man, because he was not the one for the blame and there was a terrible process and I can’t really really stress on this on the terrible terrible process. So yeah, and from that moment I decided not to believe in online sales anymore.