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Các câu hỏi trong Part 3 đề thi IELTS Speaking tháng 5 – 8 năm 2020 sẽ liên quan đến đề tài mà bạn phải trình bày trong Part 2. 

Các chủ đề được in đậm chủ đề thi IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3 mới nhất, khả năng hit cao hơn.

  1. An occasion when you wore your best clothes
  2. A dinner (or meal) you especially enjoyed
  3. A large company that you are interested in
  4. A time when a family member asked for your help
  5. A friend who is a good leader
  6. A foreign country (or culture) you want to know more about
  7. A time when you took a risk but were successful
  8. A mistake you have made and you learnt from it
  9. A trip that you took by bicycle, motorcycle or car
  10. An application you usually use on your phone
  11. A place for you to relax
  12. An old person you know and respect 
  13. A person you are happy to know
  14. A noisy place you went to
  15. A polluted place you have seen
  16. A city you have visited and would like to go back to again 
  17. A time when you got lost
  18. A film that made you think a lot >
  19. An occasion when you wasted your time
  20. A sport that you have watched others play and would like to try (or play) yourself 
  21. A time when you were surprised to meet someone you know, such as a friend.


  22. A public building you enjoyed visiting
  23. Something you enjoyed doing with a group 
  24. An indoor game you played as a child 
  25. A person who taught you a useful skill 
  26. An event you experienced in which you didn’t like the music played 
  27. A film or TV program that made you laugh 
  28. A short-term job in a foreign country 
  29. A good decision you made recently
  30. An energetic person you know
  31. A line (a few words) from a poem or song
  32. A time when you forgot something important
  33. A useful book you read
  34. Good news that you received
  35. A time you saw children behave badly in public
  36. The first time you used (spoke) a foreign language to communicate
  37. An area of science that you are interested in
  38. A prize or award you received
  39. A conversation topic you were not interested in
  40. A person who you think is very open
  41. A family (not your own family) that you like
  42. An expensive activity you enjoy doing occasionally
  43. A person who likes to help others (or, who often helps others)
  44. An intelligent person you know 
  45. A tradition in your country
  46. An ambition you have had for a long time
  47. A photograph of you that you like
  48. An old friend that you got in contact again
  49. A time when you changed your opinion
  50. A time when you worked in a group.