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✤ What was the subject
✤ How long did you study it?
✤ Why you think it was interesting

✤ How did the teacher make it interesting?

• I studied many subjects in school.
• Till 10th,I studied English,Hindi,Punjabi,maths,Social sciences,life sciences and computer science.
• Out of all these subjects,maths was my favourite.
• I studied maths from class 1 to class 10.
• I remember,till my 4th class,I used to hate maths.
• I was never very good at it.
• But in fifth,Mrs Harinder became my maths teacher.
• She was very patient with me and would not be mad at me even if I went to her again and again for understanding something.
• Slowly,I began to get my concepts clear and maths became my favourite subject.
• From 5th to 10th,maths remained my favourite subject.
• Mrs Harinder was not just my favourite teacher,she was everyone’s favourite.
• She developed our interest in maths by including mathematical activities and games.
• We would have quizzes and riddles to solve, which made it very enjoyable.
• She would have chocolates for the winners.
• Her way of teaching made maths very easy and interesting.
• I started getting good grades because of maths.
• Now,I teach maths to my neighbours children,who are in 5th and 6th.
• They seem to love maths too.
• I had a good teacher once and that is perhaps why I could become one.
• So,maths is the subject I found the most interesting.
• Maths is a subject which we use in our everyday life.
• It makes our life orderly and prevents chaos.
• The present age is one of skill-development and innovations.
• The more mathematical we are in our approach,the more successful we will be.

Follow ups
1. Is science an important subject in your schools?

Yes,I believe science is an essential subject and a minimum level of science should be compulsory for all the students because it science helps us in understanding everything around us.Also it is due to science that human beings have made great progress and life is better than ever.

2. In what ways do people learn about science?

There are lot of ways to learn about science nowadays.It is taught in schools at elementary level and nowadays there is lot of content available on Internet,like people can watch videos on youtube related to science experiments.There are also lot of channels on Television such as Discovery science where people from all age groups can learn about science.

3. Do men learn science faster than women?

Well,I believe learning about science has nothing to do with the gender rather it depends on an individual’s learning abilities.Both men and women have turned out to be great scientists in this world.

4. Is science popular in your country?

Yes,science is very popular in our country,majority of the students choose to study science subjects after completing their primary education.Due to this our country has made great progress in the field of Nuclear energy and Space Research.