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Describe the time when someone took a good photograph of you.

✤ When was the photo taken?
✤ Where was the photo taken?
✤ Who took the Photograph?
✤ How you felt about it?

• Nowadays,almost everyone has become a photographer.
• The smartphones of today have made it possible.
• I click many selfies with my phone and keep deleting those,which don’t turn out good.
• Actually,I become very conscious in front of the camera and the photographs usually don’t look natural.
• Here, I would like to talk about a time when a professional photographer clicked a photograph of me,which has come out very nice.
• I remember it was my cousin’s wedding two months ago.
• I was wearing my new silk suit.
• After the main function,we were all dancing like mad to the tune of DJ
• All my cousins were on the floor.
• The cameramen were there covering it all.
• Later on,we asked the photographer to give us all the photos and videos he had captured in our external drive,so that we could see them and pick out the best ones.
• The photographer was very reluctant to give all the coverage to us,but we insisted and he had to give in.
• All my photographs on the dance floor were good,but one was exceptionally good.
• Two of my cousins are also there in the pic and all are looking good.
• We were all so engrossed in dancing that no one was conscious.
• All of us are in a typical Bhangra pose.
• I was wearing a yellow suit with green embroidery and matching jewellery.
• One of my cousins was in majenta suit and the other one in royal blue.
• This picture has come out very colourful.
• My aunt got this photograph enlarged and framed and gifted one copy to all three of us.
• Now this is adorning the wall of our living room.
• Whenever,I see this picture,the memories of the whole wedding come in front of my eyes.

Follow ups
1. Do you like to get your photographs clicked?
No,I am very camera shy and become very conscious.

2. Is it good to take a lot of photographs?
Photographs are mirrors of the past.They capture precious moments,which may otherwise be forgotten.So,yes,I think it is good to take a lot of photographs.Also with the coming in of digital cameras,it is not very expensive to click photographs.Later on,when you get time,you can sort out which photo to keep and which to discard.

3. There are a lot of additions made to photographs these days.What attitude of people does this show?
People want to look their best.Nowadays,people do a lot of editing on photographs.In my opinion,it takes away the originality of the moment.Sometimes,people do such additions or changes with wrong intentions.They may put someone’s face on someone else’s body.This may hurt the sentiments or may even cause problems.

4. Is this going to affect the photographers and their working style?
Yes,of course.Photographers who know how to make subtle changes and make people look good may become more popular and get more work.But,they should remain within some limits and not make changes,which make everything look artificial.

5. Do people like digital photographs or printed photographs?
It is a matter of personal choice.Digital photographs don’t occupy space and the person may store thousands of them in ones computer or laptop.Printed photographs can be put on display in a frame.But,one cannot have many of them

6. How will this change in the future?
This may change a lot.Digital photo frames are there in which a person can enjoy all photographs while sipping tea.No one will have the time to open the traditional album and go through the printed photographs.

7. Will photographs replace paintings in the future?
To a lot of extent,yes.But,not entirely.Paintings have their own personal touch.But it requires special talent to make a painting that can look real.Moreover,paintings tend to be very expensive as the cost of canvas and paints is also exorbitant nowadays.Photographs are much cheaper.

8. Would you like taking photos with strangers?
Yes,if want to befriend that stranger.It may develop friendships for a lifetime.

9. What king of photograph would you like to hang in your bedroom?
Family photographs would be ideal for a bedroom.I am a very family oriented person.We are a close knit family.I would like to see my family first thing I get up.