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Shadowing Technique Practice
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IELTS Speaking
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📋 Stating Your Opinion:
🔹In my opinion,
🔹According to me,
🔹In my view,
🔹To me,
🔹From my point of view,
🔹I think
🔹It seems to me that
🔹I believe
🔹From my perspective,
🔹To my way of thinking,
🔹It appears that
🔹I suppose
🔹I realize
🔹I understand
🔹I imagine
🔹I feel

📋 Giving examples:
🔹For example,
🔹For instance,
🔹Such as
🔹In other words,
🔹athat is
🔹To illustrate,
🔹To paraphrase,

📋 Comparing:
🔹Similar to
🔹In common,
🔹In the same way,
🔹At the same time,
🔹Just as

📋 Contrasting:
🔹On the contrary,
🔹On the other hand,
🔹Differ from
🔹Even though

📋 Generalizing:
🔹Generally speaking,
🔹On the whole,
🔹In general,
🔹By and large,
🔹It seems to me that
🔹I believe
🔹All in all,
🔹As a rule,
🔹All things considered,
🔹For the most part,

📋 Expressing Certainty:
🔹No doubt,
🔹Of course,

📋 Expressing Partial Agreement:
🔹More or less,
🔹To some extent,
🔹Up to a point,
🔹In a way,
🔹So to speak,

📋 Showing cause:
🔹Due to
🔹Because of
🔹Owing to

📋 Showing effect:
🔹As a result,
🔹For this reason,
🔹The reason why

📋 Marking time:
🔹First of all,
🔹To begin with,
🔹At the same time,
🔹After this / that,
🔹Following this
🔹As soon as__

📋 Adding Information:
🔹In addition,
🔹As well as,
🔹What’s more,

📋 Expressing condition:
🔹In case
🔹Provided that
🔹So that

📋 Concluding
🔹To summarize,
🔹In conclusion,
🔹To conclude with,
🔹In short.