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Talk about a thing you just bought and you are happy about

✤ Explain why you bought it
✤ Why you selected this product
✤ From where you purchased it?
✤ And explain why are you so happy about it

Recently I have bought a personal computer for my home use.
• I have spent a smart amount to get this one as it comes with a higher configuration than the former one.
• It looks nice and I am in love with the curved monitor. The overall performance of the computer is good so far.
• I bought the computer because the old one became slow and eventually stopped working.
• I do not know how it happened. But it was a bad luck for me.
• I stored all of my necessary data and information on that computer.
• Besides,that device contained a notable number of movies and documentaries too.
• But I lamented on losing some project proposals and presentations from my office that I stored here.
• I have to prepare them again, and this is a tough task indeed.
• Based on all the grounds,I needed another computer for my use.
• The computer configuration was better than the former one.
• So, it was a costly device for me.
• I had to spend around 1400 euros to get this electronic device.
• I took a four-terabyte hard disk with eight GB ram.
• I extended the configuration so that I could use it for next five years.
• Though it was an expensive matter for me,I invested in it for my future because I will not get a computer every year.
• I was happy with my computer, particularly its performance was splendid.
• The former one had a slow performance and there were some other troubles too.
• I was unhappy with the storage as well.
• But this time I have solved all the problems.
• Enjoying movies on the curved screen is a wonderful experience for me.

Follow ups
1. Did you tell anyone after buying it?
Yes,I showed it to all my friends.

2. What are your thoughts about the trend that people buy new things instead of repairing the old ones?
I believe that it is leading to a lot of environmental damage.Our landfill sites are filling up.As far as possible,we should avoid buying new things and get old ones repaired.

3. What is the product,which is consumed most in your country?Why?
Well,India is a diverse country and it is difficult to name one product,which is used the most.Many things are used a lot.Almost everyone seems to have a cell phone nowadays.So,maybe you can say that a cell phone is used the most.

4. Is increasing consumerism a good trend?
No,definitely not.It does add to the economy,but it is causing a huge damage to the environment.