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Part 2

You should say:
– What it was
– When you watched it
– Who you watched it with
And explain why it made you laugh

⚡️Sample Answer:

Actually, I’m not a fan of typical comedy films so I can’t recall the last time I actually laughed when watching a funny movie. Instead, I’ll tell you about a time I laughed when watching a movie.

The film’s name was The Witcher, which is a movie adaptation of the first part in a fantasy novel series written by a Polish author. The series revolves around Geralt – the witcher with superhuman abilities in his journey to find Ciri – his long lost adopted daughter. It’s a pretty long series so I’ll just focus on its first part – The Last Wish.

So in this part, Geralt met a sorceress called Yennefer who would later be bound to him by destiny, and became the love of his life. And what the movie does really well – also the thing that makes me laugh and adore – was the palpable chemistry between them. Geralt is famous for his dry humour, and Yennefer can literally destroy a person’s ego with her razor sharp sarcasm and witty remarks. As you can expect, whenever Geralt and Yen Are together, they never fail to amuse the audience with their genuine interactions. The way they mock each other, banter back and forth, speaks so much about their personality, sense of humour, and most importantly the unbreakable bonds between them. Apart from the super talented actor and actress who play G and Y – two very hard characters to portray – I also gotta give credits to the movie producer for staying faithful to the source material. It felt like G and Y just magically stepped into our world right from the book with their unmistakable appearance and personalities.

So that’s all I wanna tell you about this unexpectedly hilarious movie. I not only find the chemistry between Geralt and Yen adorable, but also consider it as a relationship goal. Hopefully, my significant other would also feel the same.

& Part 3

Do people like comedy?
I think yes, not all but most people are into comedies. You know, watching any funny content can help induce laughter, which in turn gives them a sense of happiness and relaxation. Comedy is also my all-time favorite film genre which I watch nearly on a daily basis to unwind and relieve stress after hard days at work.

Why do people of all ages like cartoons?
Well, maybe because cartoons are fun and entertaining. You know, their plots are both meaningful and straight forward, which helps people understand easily even when they are too busy to pay full attention. Besides, as I see, most adults grew up watching cartoons so it’s just like a memorable part of their childhood and that can definitely trigger their interest.

Why do some people like to make others laugh?
Actually, those who have a great sense of humor enjoy making people laugh. They may find it fun to do so or perhaps they want to leave a good impression on others. You know, people tend to like being with someone who can bring them happiness and positive energy.

Should teachers tell jokes in class?
I think yes. Compared to teachers being serious all the time, students perhaps like those who can tell some jokes or funny stories and laugh along with them. That really helps to reduce stress during the whole long lesson. On top of that, I do believe that laughter is a good thing in class since anyone who shares a good laugh can bond as a group.